Commuting Options

Many residents of Augustine travel to work in Washington DC and the metro area using a range of transportation options that includes driving, mass transit and carpooling.  The following guide will help you learn about commuting options so you can choose what works best for you.


Driving allows the most flexibility and gives you the freedom to travel on your own schedule.
It is recommended to check traffic alerts before you get on the road as unexpected congestion can happen. 


We are fortunate to have the Virginia Railway Express Fredericksburg station only a short drive from our neighborhood.  The VRE connects northern Virginia to VRE stations in the Washington metropolitan area:  Crystal City(Arlington, Virginia), L'Enfant Plaza (Washington DC), and Union Station(Washington DC).


By sharing the ride, carpools that have 3 or more riders can reduce time spent on the road by using HOV and Express lanes which usually move faster than the other lanes.  
HOV lanes are free but require at least 3 riders at peak times - generally morning and evening rush hour.  A detailed guide is available through the link below:
Express Lanes are toll roads.  For cars that have at least 3 riders, the Express Lanes are free. To use these roads you will need an E-Z Pass Flex device.